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“Generation Jones could determine
which party controls the U.S. Senate…” Read more


“Generation Jones make up the
largest share of the voter pie…” Read more

“Generation Jones is emerging as arguably
the crucial demographic…” View more


“He places Mr. Obama
in Generation Jones…” Read more

Some Perspectives about Generation Jones

“I feel like there is a vast national consciousness coming out here… this great awakening…I’ve never heard so many people call in with a sense of revelation…among the most spontaneous outpourings from audiences that I have ever heard”
Jim Bohannon, Top Ten National U.S. Radio Talk Show Host
(Commenting on-air about the audience
reactions to his shows about Generation Jones)

“My book ‘Generation X’ was about the fringe of Generation Jones which became the mainstream of Generation X. There is a generation between the Boomers and Xers, and ‘Generation Jones’ – what a great name for it!”
Douglas Coupland, Author, “Generation X”

“I identify with this generation between the Baby Boomers and Generation X. My mother was a Baby Boomer, and I’m part of Generation Jones.”
Barack Obama, U.S. President

Generation Jones is the largest U.S. Generation