Generation Jones has been discussed on hundreds of websites—from blogs to news sites to discussion groups. This
section contains excerpts from a few of these sites, which reflect a range of different viewpoints about GenJones.
  • Cnn Com frame

    “As baby boomers lose their authority and appeal, generational power is shifting one notch down…to Generation Jones…” Read More

  • HuffingtonPost Frame

    “Jump ahead 30 years and right on schedule, Generation Jones is taking over…” Read More

  • Msnbc Frame

    “In the tech world, Jonesers are known as the early adapters…” Read More

  • TownHall Frame

    “There’s a voting cohort between Generation Xers and boomers that bears watching. They’re the not-so-young Generation Jones…” Read More

  • Daily Kos Frame

    “Those of us in Gen Jones are tired of being tarred with the Baby Boomer brush…” Read More

  • Epolitix Frame

    “The emergence of ‘Generation Jones’ as a major UK political force…”  Read More