Legendary Pub The Red Lion holds “Generation Jones Day”

As a tribute to the new GenJones-led UK government, the Parliamentary Pub “The Red Lion” hosted a 16 June 2010 “Generation Jones Day” event. The event included numerous GenJones-themed elements, including special nostalgic food and drink items, and music, from the 1970s/1980s. All GenJones Members of Parliament who attended this event received additional specials, including a free drink upon arrival. The Red Lion is the definitive Parliamentary pub, directly next to Parliament, and at its location since 1434. It’s long been a favourite among MPs, and has a division bell which notifies MPs that a vote is about to be taken in the House of Commons.
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Generation Jones Meetups

GenJonesers have formed various gatherings in a variety of countries. Philadelphia Generation Jones Meetup is a good example—it has approximately 300 members, and has held over 100 get-togethers since its formation in 2010.

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“Generation Jones Night” at hip London club Maggie’s

On 23 June 2010, Maggie’s celebrated Generation Jones with a tribute night of special offers and nostalgic smile-inducers connected to the generation between Boom & X. Since its grand opening in Chelsea in late April 2010, Maggie’s has generated much buzz in London hipster circles and media. Inspired by icon Margaret Thatcher, Maggie’s is a 1980s-themed nightclub, with disco balls, loaner leg warmers, a Beano collage, and Rubik’s Cube tables. Given all the recent UK media interest in GenJones, and its key pop culture role in the 1980s, Maggie’s was inspired to keep up with the Jonesers.